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About me



Thank you for visiting my webpage.


I started painting as a little girl. When I was 10 years old I caught attention

of my teachers with a small picture of my mom preparing diner.

My first mentors were Professor Lech Majewski and Professor Marian Czapla

from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

In 1993 I graduated with honors from Nicolaus Copernicus University

in Torun with a specialization in education.

After graduating I’ve taught art in schools and colleges. And I’ve been creating.

I had many individual and group exhibitions in Poland and around the world.

Now I live in the country surrounded by pine trees; gave my self to the muse

and I paint.

Painting is my hobby, my live, my love. I’m always trying to capture beautiful

moments. Every one of my pieces is different as I’m different every day.